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Meet SeamoreTM

The small but mighty ocean sensor board that pays you to collect and share essential data.

Whether you're a professional researcher or a curious citizen scientist, our sensor board is the perfect tool for collecting valuable ocean data.

It’s simple. More ocean data means more discoveries.

Ocean data is traditionally expensive to collect, limited in scope, and rarely efficiently shared and combined with other data.

In the transparent sharing of data, we can truly understand the health and value of the ocean and coastal ecosystems to create trackable solutions that ensure ongoing protection.

  • At OCN, we believe that everyone has a role to play in understanding and protecting the ocean, and at less than $300, Seamore makes it possible for anyone to collect and share valuable ocean data.
  • Measuring 6 cm by 6 cm, Seamore is a portable ocean sensor processing board that can be incorporated into any housing for a wide range of uses for multiple industries.
  • Seamore collects more than traditional base elements like temperature and PH. It collects the elements needed to provide a complete picture of ocean health. With the ability to connect up to 200 additional sensors, Seamore is customizable and offers endless possibilities.
  • Everyone should have access to ocean data and be incentivized to collect more of it. Seamore is a web3-enabled ocean sensor board linked to your blockchain wallet. When data collection is packaged and sold, you get a payout based on your contribution to the data pool. It's your equipment, but it's only valuable when we all collaborate together.
  • All data collected from the network of Seamores will be uploaded in real-time, combined with multiple ocean data sets, and visualized in our OCN dashboard. Monthly verified and summarized versions of the data will be stored on the blockchain, eliminating bias and ensuring access for all.

Join the growing community of ocean data enthusiasts and help democratize data collection.

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