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About OCN

OCN is on a mission to unite the world’s ocean data sets, create accessible products to incentivize data collection and promote a regenerative blue economy.

Right now we have a very arduous and manual process regarding how we collect data and understand the ocean. It's actually easier to go to outer space to collect data than it is at the bottom of the ocean. It doesn't have to be.

OCN is the missing link that unites the world's ocean data sets and creates products and technology to encourage practical citizen data collection. We are not just creating ways to combine and collect more data, we are designing products, systems and communities to collect the necessary data to interpret overall ocean health. Only the right data can help us better understand the threats to our ocean and create real, trackable solutions.

We need your help to protect 30 percent of the global ocean by 2030.

OCN Team

  • jeremy mckane

    Jeremy McKane


  • andy ellwood

    Andy Ellwood


  • hunter powers

    Hunter Powers


  • kasey luber

    Kasey Luber

    Director of UX

  • chandler griffin

    Chandler Griffin

    Director of Autonomous Vehicles

  • david norris

    David Norris

    Head of Governmental Relations

  • jessica knight

    Jessica Knight

    Operations Manager


  • dr peter girguis

    Dr.Peter Girguis


  • dr james porter

    Dr.James Porter

    University of Georgia

  • lisa marrochino

    Lisa Marrochino

    CEO, Proteus Ocean Group

  • michael garay

    Michael Garay

    Data Scientist, NASA JPL

  • molly cain

    Molly Cain

    Founder, Govcity Government Relations

  • liz taylor

    Liz Taylor

    CEO, Doer Marine

  • susi mai

    Susi Mai

    Co-Founder, Ultamarine Ocean

  • markus reyman

    Markus Raymenn

    Director, TBA21 Academy

  • dr chris verlinden

    Dr. Chris Verlinden

    CTO, Applied Ocean Sciences

  • ralph chami

    Ralph Chami

    IMF, Blue Green Future


  • dr sian proctor

    Dr. Sian Proctor

    Spacex Astronaut


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