Monitoring the ocean for a healthier world.

Humans use apps and devices to track and enhance their health. That’s what we're doing for the ocean. Our technology enables scientists, governments, and businesses to understand the ocean more completely and to make better and more informed decisions in order to protect it.

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    For the first time, we are accumulating, visualizing, and translating ocean data from all over the planet in one dashboard. This combined information creates a more complete picture of ocean health.

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    We pay both scientists and citizens to collect oceanic data. The small, inexpensive Seamore sensor is disrupting the way we historically collect data and who can collect it.

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Let’s understand the ocean together.

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With increased, combined, and verified data we can:

  • Discover anomalies and danger zones
  • Identify sources of destruction
  • Hold entities accountable
  • Change laws
  • Encourage healthy business practices
  • Increase efficiency of ocean conservation
  • Engage coastal communities
  • Create real trackable solutions


The OCN Foundation is committed to helping underserved coastal communities.

Contact us to find out more or get involved.

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This work requires a large team of very committed, experienced, and talented people.

We are creating that team.

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We are creating a network of global ocean enthusiasts.

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